Baby Extravaganza

This week I have been frantically working on the Helena baby cardigan from I saw my sister in law today, first time in far too long and I had done a beautiful crotchet blanket in a soft pink, I just did the simple granny square pattern and just kept on going and going and going. To finish it off I grabbed a pale purple color and did a more scalloped edge (single crotchet, 6 double crochet per hole, single crotchet = 1 scallop) I thought it looked adorable and it matched a little baby top down cardi that I had done as well. I had used just simple Bernat Baby Softee yarn, no its not especially soft and lucious such as alpaca or what not but it is for a baby, and I am of the opinion for little baby’s that sometimes acylic is better than a natural fibre, less allergy issues, and easy to clean for mommy. But anyways, the Helena I wanted to finish for her today too but we have had a record heat wave this week, seriously I have not felt it this hot in my memory and for such a long time either. Strange weather we’re having, and I decided to do a natural fibre for her so I had picked a Cascade 220 Wool in a beautiful pale purple, so it has been way too hot to even try knitting it. I forced myself to try and spend an hour a night on it but my hands would just sweat and it felt awful, so no I didn’t finish for today, but I showed it to her and she loved the color so I’m going to mail it to her before the baby is born so she’ll have it available. That gives me time to find some super cute buttons yay! I love the way the lace pattern is coming together with the cascade, it holds the pattern well and really show cases it. Pictures will follow.

I only did the final detals on the other little cardi this morning so I didn’t have time to grab photos of the blanket and that cardi so I’vea sked her to send me photos when she can so I can get post them.

I also have a cousin having a little girl and she’s due early fall so I’m going to be getting started on a blanket and cardi or two for her as well. I have some of the purple that I used for the edge on the other blanket so I wanted to do the same granny square blanket in purple but do the edging in pink this time. So oposite of the last one. I like the crotchet it goes fast and I can pick it up at any time and know where I am. I also have a really nice dark purple yarn in Butterfly 10 cotton that I want to do a really nice little vest or cardi for my cousin. See I am contradicting myself already, I prefer acylic for babies but here I am with wool and cotton… I decided for these two babies to do their blankets in acrylic due to mess and then do at least 1 nice pattern baby outfit in the natural fibers, that way they have something extra special and then the acrylic ones can be used an abused. Right?

I also want to do the Wrenna Pattern from French Girl Knits for my friend whose birthday is coming up in August… I’m hoping to get it started and finished in time but who knows if that will work out… I seem to think I can knit faster then I can, but we’ll see what I can do.


Here is a rough photo of the first cardi I did in the bernat baby softee, I hadn’t finished the seaming of the sleeves and I added a cute black ribbon to the neckline to close it. I thought it was cute :)

Beautiful British Columbia

I took a knit vacation with my mom and we took off to the interior of BC to visit some family and see the sites. I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures because as part of this adventure my mom wanted me to practice highway driving, yes I have had my licence for three years and yes I am in my mid-twenties but no I do not have a car so highways and me don’t really happen. So not too many pictures, but when I was in the passenger seat I manage to grab some pictures through the car window and I thought they turned out well.


This picture shows where there was a forest fire some time ago and the area was re-growing.


Beautiful mountain through Falkland.

I started the knit side of my entrelac scarf and am am super exciting that it is coming together and turning out well. Entrelac = Happiness


I like this Noro Kureyon 100% Wool, the colors are perfect for entrelac due to the way they dye it, thus it looks like different colored blocks but its all from the same wool. This scarf is for my Opa because he lives in Ontario and it gets col din the winter I thought this would be perfect.

I have spend my morning rearranging my living room, we have two couches and a chair and a half so lots of funtiure takes up space in our little one bedroom apartment, I’m not sure yet if I like the arrangement but it does make the space look bigger and less closed in. I am of the opinion that maybe getting rid of one of the couches might be a good idea, my husband wants both, so we’ll see what happens in the future. One day I would like to just pick out all my own furniture. I have a mishmash of items that have been bought for me or given to me, yes they are my style and  I like them but sometimes I look through the Ikea catalogue and just like to dream of picking every item in my space and having it be where I want it to be. I can dream right?

A Touch of Entrelac

Started my Entrelac class at Three Bags Full today. It is a completely new and exciting technique for me to learn and explore. I have never done anything like it. Taking these classes with Venessa Bentley has been completely enlightening for me, I have mostly been teaching myself knitting through trial, error, books and YouTube. So it has been a completely new experience for me to take classes which I have been doing since March, and for me it is such an easier way to learn. I am a visual – doer learning, I learn best by watching then doing, make mistakes, watch again and do. Thus why YouTube has been good for me, I can watch someone do something. So learning the entrelac technique I think would have been really hard to do via just a pattern since it is whole new type of technique, so watching then doing as well as having a pattern is amazing. I very much enjoyed my first entrelac class.

I have been trolling through Ravelry looking for some new and exciting patterns to try, even thought I have yet to finish either my silken scabbard or the cotton lace tank and I have just started a baby blanket and now the entrelac, I feel the need to have something waiting in the wings. Also I could be suffering start-its. I wanted to buy some more Butterfly 10 cotton in a beautiful teal color today but I made myself leave without purchasing, no more yarn! I refuse as much as I want to make something else, to actually start something else. I must finish at least 1 project before starting the next. Usually I am very good at only working on 1 or 2 projects at a time but this past month has been bad for me. I keep wanting to start more but I am not finishing things at this moment so I need to try and finish up some of the ones I have first.


Reading a new book series by Kim Harrison so far so good. It is in a similar genre with Laurell K. Hamilton and Kelly Armstrong who are two of my favorite authors. So i’m thrilled.


Life with a touch of crochet

My Silken Scabbard is coming along very nicely, I have finished the body and have started my first sleeve! I was doing so well up until a week ago and then I just stopped. Mid sleeve halt and I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the Scabbard. I find knitting very theraputic and relaxing and these past two weeks have been emotionally trying and stressful, so I decided to start a crochet baby blanket for my sister in law. Her baby is due in September and I have had some lovely pink bernat baby yarn waiting in the wings and I just decided that I needed something a little bit mindless so I decided to do a granny square idea but just keep going until I get to the size I like. So I’m enjoying it so far and it is nice and relaxing to just find my groove and not have to think too hard or take breaks to add cables.


Why has life been so emotional? I found out at the end of June that a lovely woman who is the wife to someone I have known for sometime has cancer, and it had spread too much and was terminal, she had been given not too long to be on this earth, but since I no longer have daily contact with this friend I did not find out until now, and then on July 2 this lovely woman passed away. I am not close to the family but my prayers and thoughts are with them and I only wish them strength and love.  It has hit hard for me, I feel for their family and her children. It makes me consider our mortality. She was still so young and I don’t know. It just makes my heart hurt and I keep getting teary eyed. I was unable to attend her memorial and it makes me so sad that I could not be there to share in her life and express my love and sympathy to her husband and children.

On a happier note, I am stating a new class on Sunday, Entrelac. I am excited it is a completely new technique for me.