Stash Additions

While visiting my family in Ontario my Aunt decided that she simply needed to expand my stash of cotton yarns as they are my favorite and help me with my knitting. She had pulled out two huge mega sized containers filled with a variety of cotton and acrylic yarns for me to take my pic from. She had some cotton yarns in a nice worsted weight in peach and pink colors as well as some blues. The acrylic ones are all worsted weight as well and she gave me all the yarn that she had purchased for a Fairisle children sweather but never got around to doing, so here I am at home with my new stash of yarn that I’m excited to knit. I like using cotton because it is generally hypoallergenic, washes well and soft on the skin. Arylic I like to use for baby’s because you can wash and wear, hypoallergenic and it doesn’t stain easily. So these yarns are good for my plans for the. Here is a pic of my recent stash and new purchse of hanging closet organizer because I had no where else to put all the yarns.


Also while visiting my cousin, she wanted to share with me her collection of knitting magazines and books and she graciously gave me some of her collection of my granmother’s knitting magazines from the 30′s – 50′s. I was over the moon, these magazines are like precious pieces of knitting history and I have some! She had a whole long shelf filled with a variety of magazines but I took a few of my favorites to try and do some of these so beautifully classic patterns. I found a sexy little bolero that I think would look beautiful on my mom, so I want to try and make it for her for christmas. Here are some photos of the covers of a couple magazines. I don’t know for sure yet which years they are from, but you can get a pretty good idea from the price and the pictures.


Sorry for the bad pictures, but as you can see, beautiful. I can’ t wait to try the patterns.

So now that my stash has been added too and my magazine collection made only so much better i am ready to be at          home again and start on some projects already. Home is wonderful, especially when surrounded by yarn and fun ideas.


On the Road

No I haven’t posted recently, we’ve been on the road since just after our anniversary and busy with visiting. We had my little brother’s birthday two days after our anniversary and the day after his birthday we were on an airplane heading east towards Ontario. Oh Ontario, I love you and hate you all in the same breath. Almost all of my family on both sides lives here and all of my husbands does too so we’ve been on a whirl wind visit of family.

There have been three major events with our visit this year, first was my Opa’s 80th birthday, we had a huge birthday party for him with the whole family and it turned into the second major event which was a family reunion. We had over 38 people that were family over night for the reunion and birthday party, and that wasn’t even close to everybody. But at least all Opa’s kids, my aunt and uncles were there and then most of their kids as well. My family is so huge, 16 grandkids and 2 great grandkids and i’m sure there will be more great’s soon enough. So that was crazy and fun.

Third is my husband’s Dad is getting married tomorrow, so between the family reunion and birthday and my hubby’s Dad’s wedding and then all the visiting with the rest of the family life is busy.

Thankfully I was able to fly with my knitting project, this was a concern but I had no problems getting my stuff into my carryon and so i’ve been working when I can at my latest baby cardigan, it’s the same Helena pattern I recently did but in the Butterfly 10 cotton in a rich purple color, this one if for my cousin having a baby in about a month.

I also visiting my aunt to helped to teach me to knit and she has helped to fill a suitcase full of yarn for me to take home because her stash is enourmous and she’s trying to de-stashify. I am a willing taker of yarn so I am her new packrat :P

Anyways, I will share photos of my latest cardigan once I’m home again and my new stash of yarns as well. Ciou.

A Special Day

A little background information:

I met my husband seven years ago this November, we met online and then through a remarkable set of coincidences found out we went to high school together, had the same friends and went to many of the same functions but had never actually met face to face. Finally after a mutual friend found out we had been chatting online they took me to his work to meet in person and what can I say? I was struck by cupid. I was 17 and still in high school and he was a year older and had just graduated. I was going away that Christmas so we’d only been dating 2 weeks or so and I left for the same amount of time, his mom was away that holiday so my mom invited him int our home for Christmas and once I came back from holidays she said to me, “I really like your boyfriend honey, I think I’m going to keep him.” And she has treated him like a second son from that day onward and has loved to pieces ever since.

We moved in together, then after 5 years of dating and common-law he popped the question after we had taken a visit to see him family and mine and for his Dad and Grandfather to meet me. He asked over Christmas and it was typically us with little fan fare and much love and laughter. We got married 8 months later on August 17th, and that was two years ago today.

After almost 7 years and married for 2, I am crazier and more in love with him than when we met. He likes me for me and I like him for him, for all our good points and bad. We have enjoyed growing up together from our teens to our twenties and gone through good times and bad. I look forward to many more years together and to new adventures. I can’ t wait to have his children and see what he and I can create together. I look forward to arguing with him and enjoying life with him. I love that he supports my knitting addiction and I understand his video gamers lifestyle, together we make a great pair and I look forward to another year and many years after that with my husband.


Finished Baby Cardigan

I finally finished my Helena Baby Sweater for my sister in law’s newest addition. She is due at the end of August and I am so excitd for her. This little sweater knit up really nice and once I got the hang of the lace pattern it flowed and I got through it pretty fast. I had to frog the button band after my first attempt due to pulling issues but I got it the second time round. I used Cascade 220 wool which was not the right guage for the sweater so I did the 6 months size and it ended being about a 1 year size, but thats okay I wanted something that could be used later on because I’d already given her a small cardigan for the first 6 months size.


- Used worsted instead of DK weight

- size 4 needles, I did not change my needles to the smaller size for the sleeves edging as suggested because I did not have a smaller size of double pointed needles. It still looked just great so that was fine.

- Did not add the ties instead I made two knit 2, yo ‘s along the button band to fasten with cute buttons instead.

I got the cutest little skull buttons from Button Button and I just love them, it was my first time visiting this store and I completely have fallen in love. I am now determined to make more adorable outfits that need buttons.

So here are some pictures of my adorable pretty in purple with punk details sweater for my fun loving sister in law.



What are you knitting?

I have been working hard on my Helene baby cardigan and it is so close to completion I can see it, pictures will be coming along shortly. To get out of the house early one morning I slipped over to the local coffee shop to sit in a comfortable chair and a cup of tea and knit along on my cardigan, and I love how many people come over to talk and fondle the yarn and ask.. What are you knitting?

It is amazing how many people do knit, and once I started to knit at the shop I had two wonderful people come up to share their knitting stories and tell me about their projects and what they think, I love that they felt comfortable enough to do that. It’s sweet and I don’t mind the interuption and I’m sharing about  something I love.

So all in one morning I learn’t all about a wonderful woman’s frustration with a new stretchy yarn, and about a gentlemen’s mother who had a afgan placed over the couch that she had worked so hard on and he was young and wasn’t allowed to touch it because it was her special blanket. So I think I need to do this more often, take my knitting public and see what people have to share.

Wait… what happened to July?

So it’s August now, but I feel like summer just started and then July went so quickly. They say that as you get older time flies and it is so true. I recall in highschool that each year felt like forever to pass, then we gruated and time sped up a bit but not too much, then my husband and I got engaged and suddenly there was the wedding and it was like woah that happened fast, and now we are days away from our two year aniversary. I feel like if I closed my eyes a month goes by in an instant.


Our heat wave has cooled just a little so I am more confortable, and thankfully my wonderful brother installed a ceiling fan in our room and that helps so much to keep the air circulating. It’s a very pretty fan too, it was the last one like it at the Home Depot I went too and its a lovely dark brown wood and the lights are really nice marbled cream color. I love my new fan.

I keep meaning to go to the beach or the go swimming and yet as mentioned above time keeps going too quickly, getting caught up in work, not feeling well due to record high heat waves, visiting family, weekends being caught up in errands and who knows what else, that just taking an afternoon to lay beside a pool seems a monumental task. I must make the effort to take at least 1 day this August to go down to the beach. There I’ve said it here to I must make it happen.

I stalled out on my little baby Helena Cardi this weekend, I ran out of yarn and when purchasing I totally thought 1 ball would be enough, but no, I need 2 and I had no time to get to the store this weekend so it’s been put on hold. I’ve instead picked up again my entrelac scarf that I need to get finished before August 15/16 because I want to get it wash and blocked before my Opa’s birthday. I’ve been trying to separate my projects into what needs to be done first and work from there. I need the entrelac scarf done by the 15, the baby helena done before the 20th and I wanted to do the Wrenna Cardigan from French Girl Knits for my friend, but her birthdya is on the 12 of August, and it is the 3rd right now and I’d have to mail it across the country to her, so I’ve put that project on hold for a christmas present instead. And I still have other projects lined up and ready to start for birthday’s and then christmas needs to be thought of soon too. So busy me.