Knitting For Christmas


Not too many photos yet to share because I am bogged down with Christmas knitting so I have lots of almost finished projects lying around that either just need a little finishing or that need to be started all together. So no I’m not ignoring the blog, just trying to catch up with myself so I’m not last minute knitting the week before Christmas. ( I probably still will be, but I’m trying ) My mother found my thrummed mittens and simply fell in love, but no not for herself, but for her friends… so she asked me to knit them some, and because I simply can’t say ‘no’ in most any occasion and especially not to my mother. So here I am spending, thankfully, a cold rainy saturday hunkered down on my couch with a good supply of tea, pepsi and snacks twisting thrums and knitting mittens for my mother’s friends. What a good daugher I am.

The socks from the socks class I am taking are almost finished, we are learning casting off tomrrow, of which I am ready so I will have photos to share soon.

But for now I need to get back to my mittens, I am hoping to at least have one of a pair finished by tonight and then get the second half to the pair done by end of tomorrow. 1 pair per weekend and only 2 pairs to make. I should hopefully get them cranked out soon and get back to all the other Christmas knitting I had already set myself up to do before being side tracked by my mother.

Anyone else doing crazy knitting adventures for the holidays? If so please share!

Sock Yarns Yum


I started my first pair of socks this week. I am taking the Knit 2 Socks on 1 Circular Needle Class at Three Bags Full, I’ve been pretty excited to take this class because I have always wanted to learn how to knit socks and so here I am knitting socks! The new cast on we learn was tricky but I finally did catch on, I found it helped to not think about it too hard and just let my fingers find the rythmn, then I did okay. Here are the toes of my socks:


I’m making socks for my lovely hubby and they are in Smooshy in this lovely grey color way that has a very subtle color variation within. Yummy soft and lucious and hopefully he will like them. They are going to go in his Christmas stocking this year, he knows I’m making them because I’ve been trying them on his feet as I go, so it they will not be a suprise, but hey, its the thought that counts though.


Also at the end of class the lovely owner had opened up these wonderful goodie boxes of Touch Love Sock Yarn by Sweet Georgia Yarns. I absolutely feel in love with the bright colors and exciting tones, so I grabbed myself up a skein and here it is:


Arn’t these colors just fantastic, even though I’ve only knit the toes of two socks, I had to have more yarn. I’ve determined that they must be made into socks just for me. I hardly ever actually knit something just for me, with me in mind and these will be just that project, hopefully I can get it done before Christmas so I could slip them into my stocking and get all excited on Christmas day.  The color way is called Lakeshore Drive.

Healthy Eating Adventures

mega millions

This week has been the first week of trying something called the Brown Rice Diet. It’s going okay so far, but not fantastic. This is a special diet change to help elimiate allergens and foods that irritate the digestive system. I suffer from IBS and it has been very difficult to manage for many years so this Natruopathic doctor I am visiting has decided that to start we sould elminate foods that could be causing problems and then see if this is corrects. So far, I’d say he’s on the right path because during this past month we’ve been adding some various medicines to help me and now this dietary change I’ve had almost the best month physically in a long long time. So this Brown Rice Diet is designed to eliminate, wheat, dairy, and processed foods and red meat from your diet.. are you laughing cause I sure did when he said this… me not eating what and dairy, cheese and pasta have been my main source of food for years! But he was serious and thankfully he told me I didn’t have to go completely cold turkey but just to make sure I have one to two meals a day to start like this and then work it into a full blown lifestyle, for at least 6 weeks. Well so far during the day it hasn’t been so easy because I haven’t had the chance yet to over hall my kitchen and only have these healthy foods available.

But thanks to Choices Grocery Store which is right across the street from my work they have everything that is wheat and gluten free labeled with a blue sticker so that I know right away what I can and can not eat. So yesterday I tried something new, brown rice rice cakes and organic almond butter, a little bland but really not all that bad. And I’m even eating brown rice, I’ve been convined for years that brown rice is yucky but I tried some and it is very good, so far I’ve come home after a long day at work and instead of having my husband cook (which involved ordering from the local pizza parlour) I decided to make an effort to at least have my dinners be healthy wheat and diary free. So we’ve had chicken roasted, or stirfry’d with brown rice and salads and brocolli and no desserts! So far so good. I even made extra chicken last night so that today for lunch I could eat chicken with asparagus instead of well something bad. I’m going grocery shopping this sunday to stock up our fridge with more veggies, brown rice and other wheat free diary free goodies. And I’m only allowed chicken or fish, I almost feel like i’m heading into the territory of the vegetarian except for the chicken of course. But so far so good, I’m hoping next week is even better.

Onto the wonders of my knitting life I’ve completed finally even with buttons the two baby cardigans I’ve been working on. They are for my cousin who should be having her baby any time this week. I am very excited for her and hope she loves the baby cardigans. The buttons are from one of my husband’s dress shirts, he decided to cover it in blood to be a zombie for Halloween, he was a very spooky zombie and since he ruined his shirt I decided to take the buttons since they were such a lovely pearly white and use them for both of these cardi’s. So cute, here are pictures:


Helena Baby Sweater. Yarn Used: Butterfly 10 Cotton in a dark purple Needles: Size 3.5mm

img_0910Autumn Leaves Pattern. Yarn: Unknown Cotton Blend, Needles: Size 4mm